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July 31, 2007


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mrchina too. but i might cheekin an say hi


July 30, 2007

last post

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sorry guys but this will be my last post on the website. i quit cp. thats why i didnt post for a while. but this time im not posting again. it gets so boring . i will not delete this site cause people might like to look at the animations and that stuff.

im gonna miss all of you on cp and if mrchina and 96 maccoroni still wanna post they can. but everyone say bye to coke456.

bye bye


July 21, 2007


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sorry its late but the water partys extended

floties are at the plaza


and pin is at the pizza parlor


July 19, 2007

master at the surfing game

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i am the master now. coke456. sorry mrchina i beat your score . i got 4149. yay!

July 18, 2007

funny pics and animations updated

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i made 3 funny pics and 2 animations
post a comment for an idea for a funny pic

mine reopened

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just today! there are some new cart surfer tricks

space+down =real hard jump

space  + up and down= handstand

and theres a way how to run with you holding your cart

but i forgot how to do it

ps. they are making the party 1 week longer

pps. there will be a new free item

ppps that was by coke456

pppps. sorry for all th ps’s

all my vids

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hi this is coke456 here. i dont want to make a post for every vid i make. all muh vids are at

it will be updated often. plzz check out my vids


my site is goin down on google

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my site is going down on google because i have not been making posts lately i think. im trying to get it back up there but i need more hits. keep visiting.thanks to people who visit a lot like





and tons more


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sorry its late i dont even have pics

there is a frre umbrella hat

at the coffee shop

there is an elephant at the dojo

there is a whale

that is squirting water at the iceberg

the snow forts have a burried whale.

and they have closed up the underground

hope this helps


July 15, 2007

club penguin movie 2 by coke456

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go to for it!

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